A New Adventure in Publishing

I have been able to travel to over thirty countries of the world, as I developed a travel bug. In the countries that I visit, I tend to explore, rather than do the “resort” thing or stay in one place (though once in a while I do like to do that). That has since been joined with a craze for cycling–something I would not have expected five years ago. But now I have two bikes in my house and am planning my third major cycling trip. Add into the mix a desire to take pictures. Put it all together, I have some stories and pictures that I’d like to share. After some of my trips I have been able to put on a travel talk, but this website allows for a broader audience, as well as a more permanent record of my adventures.

But travelling the world isn’t always done in person. Sometimes one can travel the world through books. I tend to read up on the countries I am visiting, plus on other countries that I haven’t quite made it too yet. And so, there is a section here on books. These are not book reviews in the strictest sense, but more book reflections. And sometimes, the books may not be about travelling per se, but on some broader issues that affect life in our world.

I hope you enjoy journeying with me around the world.