Who is this Traveler?

Who am I and how did I get to travel to so many countries? Well, I am a pastor in rural Ontario–Williamsburg to be precise. I have been serving here since 2005 and have previously served two former congregations–Dresden, Ontario and Iron Springs, Alberta. My travels for my work have actually been quite limited–three mission trips to the USA (going to Louisiana, Kentucky and New York City), plus a mission trip to Haiti and a pastor’s tour of Israel. The rest of my trips have been on my own time.

While being a pastor can be very limiting in terms of time, as I don’t know what a weekend is, let alone a long weekend, I do have the benefit of having four weeks of vacation. This has allowed a good block of time to do some decent travelling. In addition, I have negotiated over the years some extra time off, as an unpaid leave of absence, to do even more trips.

The other major factor that allows me to travel is that I am single. If I was married and had children, there would be no way I could afford these trips or be able to take a whole family along with me. Being single has the advantage of going on tours, where one is placed with a roommate so that there is no single supplement.

Recently, I have gotten into cycling. How did that happen? Well, through a charity fundraiser, Sea to Sea, with its theme: “cycling to end poverty.” So in 2013, I did a cross-continential bike trip (Los Angles to Montreal to New York City, 6000 kms) while in 2015 I did a 900 km ride in the Canadian Rockies. I am now planning to cycle end to end in Great Britain (1600 kms.) This will not be a charity fundraiser, but done for pure pleasure.

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