Picture of the Week

You just never know what you might encounter just outside the door. I was walking down the steps of my back porch when I noticed this young robin, which wasn’t going anywhere:


I also enjoy hiking, in addition to cycling. Here is a picture of a hike in the Quebec hills, a very different scene than the flat farmland around where I live:


A view from the top of the “mountain.”

Tulips aren’t the only flowers blooming. Here is a large patch of Trilliums, growing just behind my trailer:


What a change a few weeks make: Compare to picture three weeks ago.

On Thursday, May 12, I did the longest ride of the year so far–90 km–all around Gatineau and Ottawa. Towards I end, I went pass the tulips–it was the first day of the Tulip Festival. While the flowers were beautiful, my saddle sore was not (the worst I have experienced). But the picture of the week is NOT my saddle sore, but the tulips:


On Tuesday (May 3/16), I went to Gatineau Park for the first time this year and with my heavier bike attempted Champlain Lookout–which was a success. Along the way, I did stop in at Pink Lake, pictured below:


Taken Saturday night (April 20/16) at my campsite: My first campfire of the year. When I go to camp, it always feels a world apart from Williamsburg. I may only be gone for 24 hours, but it is a good break from ministry.


Taken on Saturday April 23, 2016 along a country road in the rural part of eastern Ontario: a flock of Snow Geese on their way up north: